Window Decals & Graphics

Make your message stick


Advertise, raise awareness, or redecorate in a matter of minutes. Whether you need storefront branding or a simple upgrade to your interior design, you’ll find our custom-printed vinyl window decals and graphics are a quick and versatile solution.

Frequently used for branding, decorating, wayfinding or advertising, our full-colour, high-quality digitally printed vinyl graphics and transfers can be applied indoors and outdoors for whatever purpose you need.


Vinyl window graphics are:

  • Cost-effective branding
    Turn your storefront window into an affordable space to promote your business or product.
  • Mess-free
    Forget sticky adhesives or residues, our clings are easy to install and remove, without the mess.
  • Customizable
    A cost-effective way to display oversized graphics and big impact messages, each decal is custom-printed and can be cut to fit your design.
  • Vibrant
    Our UV stable inks create high-quality vivid images that are long lasting and eye-catching.

Custom-printed vinyl glass decals are an ideal marketing solution because they don’t take up space, yet they can cover large areas with your promotional message. Printed on top-quality vinyl that won’t stain or tarnish your glass surfaces, our custom-printed decals and graphics are cost-effective and temporary, giving you the flexibility to update your message as you see fit.

Maximize unused space

Custom-printed glass decals are also known as window clings or window stickers because of the way they stick to any glass-like material. Apply our custom static window clings to:

  • Storefront windows
  • Glass doors
  • Interior glass walls
  • Glass railings
  • Display cabinets
  • Vehicle windows
  • Mirrors

Vinyl options

Our custom-printed vinyl window transfers are a cost-efficient way to transform your storefront windows and other glass surfaces from plain and dull spaces into prime advertising real estate. They can also double as shade or privacy screens that won’t restrict safety or obstruct vision from inside.


A great way to deflect sunlight while highlighting new promotions, graphics printed on perforated vinyl acts as a window tint while providing one-way vision from the inside.


Solid vinyl can make window decals easier to read, and they really stand out in bright colours.


To get the look of frosted, etched or sandblasted glass, we recommend a semi-transparent.


Our clear vinyl looks like glass, giving people an unobstructed view through your window. Decals printed on clear vinyl will have a transparent background.

Common uses

Our custom window decals can be used for variety of purposes. Whether you need an eye-catching storefront, an easy upgrade to your interior décor, or a way to enhance privacy around the office, our custom-printed window decals are the perfect solution.


Don’t feel limited to framed prints and traditional wall coverings when branding your physical space. Bring your brand to life with vivid, high-impact window graphics and glass decals. Custom-printed window clings show off your brand’s personality with professional flair.


If you want to make a splash with your latest promotion, don’t overlook traditionally unused spaces. Placing ads and promotional graphics on storefront windows, interior glass walls and mirrors gets can catch the attention of your customer in unexpected ways.


Want the look of stained glass, but don’t want to invest in new windows? Custom-printed stained glass window film gives you the look in a matter of minutes. Any graphic or treatment you dream up can be applied to your glass and windows in the form of a decal or sticker. Apply over just a small section, or make a big impact by covering the entire pane.

Privacy film

When it comes to glass walls, our custom-printed window decals can brand, decorate and conceal all at the same time. Increase privacy and limit visibility with opaque, full-color prints or perforated or semi-transparent overlays. Keep it simple in a solid color, or add text and images to enhance your space. Really love the style of frosted glass? Get the look of sandblasted or etched glass at a fraction of the cost.

Care instructions

Our custom-printed window decal and graphics are very easy to maintain. Simply wipe it with a microfiber cloth to clean away accumulated dust. If it’s really grimy or dirty, wash the material with a wet cloth and let air dry.

To store your signs, stack them flat without anything laid on top of them, or stand them up against a wall in a space that is dry and room temperature. Do not store signs in hot environments like automobiles for long durations, as this may cause the material to warp.

Free Quote and Design Consultation

If you’re looking for custom printed vinyl window decals, window stickers or window clings in St. John’s, or anywhere in Newfoundland and Labrador, our window decals and graphics are affordable and easy to install. Not sure where to start? Our talented graphic design team can assist you with the design and placement of your sign.

Sign Guru NL is an expert in printing, applying and removing our vinyl window and glass products. If you need further help or advice with designing or installing your custom-printed window decals and clings, contact Darrel, the Sign Guru, today.

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