Mini billboards

Make an impression


Think of your sign as a conversation starter. It’s the attention-grabbing ice-breaker that starts a dialogue between you and your customer.

Did you know:
One study found 56% of respondents went on to tell a family member or friend about an interesting billboard they saw. *


A great sign makes an impact on its viewers. It causes people to stop and take note. It gives them something to take away and think about. It motivates them to take action. That’s not something that can be done with a boring, generic sign.

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Brand recognition is one of the strongest ways to make a sign more effective. You’ve worked hard to build a brand that represents your business and its values. Leverage your brand’s identity with a custom-printed sign that will connect with people, build trust and drive home your sales message.

With vivid, digitally printed visuals, high quality materials and your intriguing sales message, our mini billboards are sure to draw the attention of your next potential customer.

Don’t share your airtime with competitors. Make this moment all about you. Get your business a large, colorful, brand-centered sign that steals the spotlight and demands attention.

Our signs

Our custom printed portable sign rentals are available in two sizes: 5ft x 10ft, or 5ft x 4ft, each offering more value per square foot than our competitors.

  • High resolution, full colour, double-sided prints
  • Highest quality sign on the market
  • Weather resistant and durable
  • Supported by steel, with a reusable inner core
  • Mobile, can be moved freely and easily
  • Proven to work in the local market

Our promise

When a business opportunity strikes, you need a responsive team capable of designing, producing and installing signage in a matter of days. Our full-service, in-house team can have your sign ready and installed in as little as 48 hours after you approve the design.

  • Fastest turnaround in the market.
  • Installed within days of design approval
  • Can be updated in as little as two days
  • Graphic design & permit administration included
  • Free consultation & quote

Our team

We handle all aspects of the production and installation. From transporting and installing the equipment, to performing safety assessments and obtaining city permits – we take care of it all so you can focus on what’s important.

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Unbeatable customer service
  • Graphic design by experienced designers
  • Set up by skilled, reliable installation team

Advertising sign rentals are a strong stand-alone advertising tool, and should be an essential component of your overall marketing strategy.

At Sign Guru we take great pride in working with you to create signage that builds your brand and boosts your sales. Serving Newfoundland from St. John’s to Grand Falls-Windsor and every community in between, our signs can be found all over the island. If you’re ready to see what sign rental can do for your business, contact Darrell, the Sign Guru, for your free no-obligation quote today.

* Arbitron National In-Car Study

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