Why our portable and mobile road signs work.

It can be hard to target customers by demographics. The world is changing, and people don’t fit into neat and tidy categories. Targeting by geography has proven to be much more effective. This method puts the right message in the right place at the right time. Outdoor advertising media like Sign Guru’s portable and mobile road signs catch the attention of people who are out and on the move.

Ours signs are:

  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Mobile and portable
  • Highly visible with a large print area
  • Easy to change
  • More value per square foot than our competitors

Unlike other ads that get turned off, deleted, fast-forwarded or thrown away, people show an interest in outdoor advertising. A new sign adds a point of interest to an otherwise boring and familiar route. One study found that while 75 percent of people admit to tuning out digital device ads, 55 percent of them said they noticed an outdoor advertisement, and 82 percent of people noticed it while driving.

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Let’s talk numbers.

Did you know that Canadians spend an average of 25.4 minutes commuting for work each way? That’s almost an hour per day, or 300 hours a year. This is a prime opportunity to get your message in front of customers’ eyes. Your advertisement could get significant exposure from drivers alone, and passengers are even more likely to see your message.

Want to know if they’re paying attention? Another study found 71 percent of drivers notice advertisements positioned on the side of the road. People can’t help but see what’s right in front of their eyes. What’s more, 72 percent of them shop on the way home, and 68 percent of them say they make shopping decisions during their commute. You can’t argue with those numbers. Take advantage of this data and give your business a boost. Get your message in front of people when they need it most. Place one of our mobile and portable road signs outside your business and drive traffic from the road to your door.

* Consumer Insights & Intent: Q1 2021 (OAAA)

** The Arbitron National In-Car Study, 2009 edition

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